Friday, 26 February 2010

Barry M Nail Paint ..Haul!

Hi Girlies!
Right so here we go another blog! yay! starting to really love this!

So then beauty bloggers.. we all want affordable, excellent products!
Barry M provides value with quality, that is something you dont get very often in the beauty industry, something affordable thats is high standard and just as good as OPI etc! This paint was only £2.95! bargain!

I bought this Barry M Nail paint in my local superdug store only as i had some vouchers to use up!
In all my time using Nail varnishes/ paints etc i have finally started to notice a difference between the term nail varnish and nail paint... silly me used to think was all the same! A nail varnish is a very pale pigmented colour even the deepest vivid red will need 3-4 coats finished with a top coat! Nail varnishes tend to just glaze the Nail plate rather than actually painting it!
Nail Paints are exactly what it says on the tin! they paint nails :-P they are etremily pigmented! Big cheers for pretty nails 10 mins before the taxi arrives for that all important friday night with cocktails and boogies! LOL.

I have bought a few of these Barry M nail paints the one i have painted in the picture below is 'number 279, Bright Pink' I have Given my Nail Plate 1 coat only! and look at the coverage i have got! WOW!!!!

This shade of pink is fresh, vibrant and so 2010! Team these nails with a stunning black number , killer heels, beautiful wavy hair and smokey eyes with the new MAC lady gaga lipstick! wow wow wow... you'd be a knockout!

You can check out the Barry M website by clicking the link provided below! Hope you have all enjoyed this Haul!

Take Care and spread love Bloggers
Fay xxx

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